Nelson Seeking Summits Tramp

Volunteering with Recreate NZ is always different for every trip!

Starting the weekend off with a 5 and a half hour drive was most definitely the perfect way to both numb my bottom but also get to know the new participants who joined us all the way from Auckland. With stops along the way, we were able to explore around many different areas such as petrol stations and public toilets! (I must add that I say that in a completely sarcastic tone) Although we did get the opportunity to visit an old-fashioned store which was pretty wicked!

On arrival we were quick to put up our tents as the last thing we would want to be doing would be trying to put together a tent in the dark. Shortly after, all the participants were absolutely pumped to go and jump off the wharf into the lake (bare in mind it would’ve been around sunset time so the water would’ve been freezing!) But this didn’t stop them from doing it.

Fast forward to the next day, and we’re off tramping to the hut. The plan was to stay at Lakehead Hut which would take approximately 5 hours until our team got there. It was so heart-warming  to see all the participants working together and encouraging one another! Not only that, but the trust that was built throughout the weekend was incredible!

Once we get to the hut, I take the lead in running the classic game we know as ‘I spy with my little eye’. Then we had a joke off! They had some of the funniest jokes that really enlightened my night. One of which was “What do you call a guy with a shovel on his head? Dug. What do you call a guy with no shovel on his head? Dug-less” As the night wrapped up we all set up for the night.

Waking up the next morning, the day definitely went by super fast! As we headed back to the camping ground we were all discussing our highlights and funny times that had occurred so far throughout the trip.

Overall it was so different to be doing tramping with a whole new group as I have always tramped with my Outdoor Education class at High School. I found this trip to be in particular very enjoyable and fun! When I talk with my friends about Recreate, I always mention how unbelievable it is that each and every participant has their own quirks and characteristics that shape them into who they are. This is what I appreciate the most when volunteering with Recreate because I could never become disinterested towards them as they are always doing something that will either make me laugh or smile!

To end this blog, I’d just once again like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has supported me through the journey of TravelVolNZ! You’ll all amazing and I couldn’t be anymore grateful!


All the best,

Tarryn Wilson


Glenroy Youth Getaway Camp

Where do I even start?

It felt like it had been so long since I had last been on a trip with Recreate NZ! But then when I arrived, it was almost like the length of time from the last camp till then had just shrunk. We all just carried on conversations from the past trip and laughed about all the funny memories.

To be completely honest, I had no clue where Glenroy was so I kind of just went with the flow during the road trip. Once we arrived I took everyone for a tour around the site before we then set up for bed.

The next day was a mission and a half! We drove to Lake Lyndon with the kayaks to give them a go in the water. Just as we were driving in, the van got stuck in the rocks. It was hands down hilarious! But luckily we were able to push it out and keep driving. As the group of us was rather large, we split into two groups where one would kayak whilst the other walked around the lake. Due to the weather conditions, we ended up having to head back early and make dinner at the same time the leaders ran some games outside. Of course the first game that came to mind was spotlight! It’s crazy how well the game actually turned out and just the fact that everyone got the chance to hide where they’d like.

Fast forward to the next day, we ran through some abseiling with the participants which was awesome! Seeing them all work together and encourage one another was so enlightening. Even though the cliff wasn’t too steep/challenging, it was still enough to get the sense of what abseiling is like.

That night was by far my highlight of the entire camp! We had a talent show where every participant had the chance to show everyone their dance moves or singing talent. It really blew my mind how confident each individual was; Just the fact that they would really give it 100% and not care what we as the audience thought. It just made me think about how different our society would be if everyone had the same self confidence as these participants!

Overall, Glenroy was an uplifting experience that really shaped my thoughts.



Christchurch Youth Council Planning Day!

On the 17th of February 2018, I attended the Christchurch Youth Council Planning Day. The purpose of this event was to put new ideas out there for what we wanted to achieve in 2018 and also learn a little more about the background of the Christchurch Youth Council.

One of the first activities we completed was an ice breaker which opened the door to meeting all the new members and also getting to know one another. After this we all were handed a membership folder which included CYC’s kaupapa, important dates and the meanings behind all the abbreviations that get used during meetings. We then put together a group contract for 2018 which we all felt suited.

Shortly after the lunch break, we all split off into groups to brainstorm some new ideas for what we’d like to achieve this year. I found that I was less nervous when discussing in a small group as it meant that the others could support my ideas and give me constructive feedback without having to share with the entire group. Some of the ideas that were shared included CYC merchandise, growing our outreach and working more on the Slice Of Youth event.

Overall I found this event to be rather beneficial in the way that I now have a much more clearer understanding of what our goals are!

If you’d like to learn more about the Christchurch Youth Council and how you can get involved, click the link below!

Have a great week everyone!

Tarryn Wilson


YMCA Hawdon Hut Tramp!

I’ve got to say that tramping with kids is so much more different than what it’s like tramping with my Outdoor Education Class!

When I arrived at the YMCA on Thursday, I had brought all of my gear in a bag the size of a regular school bag. This is because I knew that it was only going to be an overnight tramp so I just brought the basics. Little did I know that I was meant to bring my multi-day pack as I would be carrying some of the extra food and equipment. I wasn’t off to a good start. However all of the gear managed to fit throughout the kids packs. I felt really bad though as besides one other kid, I was the only one with a day pack bag.

On the way to the tramp site we stopped off at a mall to let everyone grab some snacks for the tramp. The supervisor and I realised it probably wasn’t the best idea when all of the kids came back with McDonalds…

Then as we are almost there, the van gets stuck in a ford. The kids reactions were hillarious! I couldn’t help but not laugh. Some were asking to film, others tried to remove rocks from underneath. Luckily there was some others on site that were very kind and towed us out. Besides all the obstacles we had to face we arrived at the site.

Starting the tramp seemed to be rather easy as everyone was walking at the same pace, we had a routine for each river crossing and there seemed to be no sand flies. But then it comes to around 3 hours in when we realise that we’ve had around 7 different breaks and we’ve only just reached the junction which was the half way point. By this point the kids were all getting hungry and were sick of walking.

Cutting to the point, we arrived at the hut around 7pm and started sorting out the bedding arrangements. As there was more boys than girls we had some of the boys on the top bunk with me between them and the girls. Seemed like a good idea until bedtime when I had one girl’s feet in my face and a boy snoring in my ears!

On the positive side, day 2 was absolutely amazing! We all woke up early to get ready and packed everything up. We started tramping at around 7.45am which meant that the sun wasn’t quite out yet so it wouldn’t drain out our energy. Around half way, the supervisor played a prank on the kids by pretending to faint to see what they’d do. I was quite surprised by what the did! They had one boy run back to the others and I while the rest stayed with the supervisor. Then when I  had caught up to everyone they had started to put him into the recovery position. He then woke up and started laughing! The kids were all so annoyed with him as they thought he was being serious.

We finished the tramp back in around 3 hours!! It was so good! Everyone got back in the van and he headed by to the YMCA. The children were all sleeping in the back so we decided to prank them again by screaming our heads off as if we were about to crash. It was so funny! One kid woke up screaming and then realised it was a joke. I filmed it on the work phone so that they could see their reactions and they thought it was so funny.

Overall, the tramp was really enjoyable and I can’t wait for the next one!

If you think YMCA could be something that you’re interested in, feel free to check out the site below or email me on:

Have an awesome week everyone! Once again, thank you for all the support!


Tarryn Wilson





Learn Active Program 2018!

It was my first day volunteering with the Learn Active Program! I was really nervous and only had a slight idea of what to expect. As I currently volunteer with Recreate NZ, I figured that it should be rather similar to that organisation. Which was luckily true!

When I arrived in the morning, a lady greeted me and we had a chat about the day and what to expect from each of the members coming along. I remember feeling a little anxious as the group size was going to be a lot larger than what I’ve previously worked with.

Not too long after, everyone began to arrive. The expressions each teenager had on their face was priceless! They were all so excited to be spending another day with Learn Active. It wasn’t long until I started to learn everyone’s names and hobbies. I loved how they were all so open for conversation and I could see the connection they had built with each other. By then I was no longer feeling anxious but instead confident and excited for what the day could bring!

We arrived at Corsair Bay and went for a walk in the shade down to the water to see a group of sailors. One of the boys started to tell me all of his favourite jokes which was hilarious! He said one along the lines of “why do giraffes have long necks?…. Because their feet smell so bad!”.

After walking around we sat down to have lunch together before heading into the water. I found it to be pretty crazy how everyone worked together to ensure that we were all safe and having fun. Sometimes I wish I could be as courageous as some of the teenagers on the program! It was as if they were so happy doing their own thing that the thought of being judged wasn’t at all there.

Something I have learnt from volunteering with Learn Active is that youth with disabilities are just as awesome as anyone else! I believe that if we all took the time to spend with someone with a disability, it would really change your thoughts and even give you the chance to learn more yourself. I loved how enthusiastic and inclusive everyone was! Even though I had only been there for one day, it felt like I had spent the whole holidays with them!

If you’d like to know more about Learn Active and how you can volunteer within the organisation, simply click the link below!


Thank you all for the support!

Tarryn Wilson







Taupo FastTrack Leadership Training!

I’ll start with how blessed I felt to be accepted onto a program that I knew was going to shape my future! To be given the opportunity to fly up to Taupo and spend the week with a group of inspiring leaders, it was pretty extraordinary!

It all started when one of the staff members from Living Springs offered this training to the leaders at camp, at first I didn’t raise my hand to suggest that I was interested as I knew that there would be no chance that I would be one of the 10 people from New Zealand to be accepted. However I was wrong!

Arriving on the first day I remember feeling exhausted as I had just finished January camp at Living Springs. Nonetheless, I kept reminding myself that the information I’m going to receive within this week is going to be very valuable and I should make the most of it.

Luckily Day 1 was really chilled out and didn’t require much attention or effort. We stayed at a holiday home which was so welcoming and comfortable! At first the group of us leaders were really shy, but it didn’t take long for us to open up and get to know each other. It was great to learn more about the strategies each of us use at camp to both run activities and deal with kids’ behaviour.

The rest of the week ran on a schedule that meant we would have training from 9am-5pm everyday and then free time after 5pm. It was incredible how much information you can take in, in such a short period of time. I now have a clearer understanding of how to give instructions, ask questions and listen/receive feedback.

The best thing about this training is that it isn’t just a one time event! I will be heading back to Taupo later this year, so be sure to stay tuned to hear about the next training!


Thanks for all the support so far!

Tarryn Wilson

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Living Springs Space Camp 2018

Space Camp 2018!

I think this camp was definitely a lot different to the rest as for the first time I was a co-leader for a group of boy campers. Having this in place both brought forward challenges and opened new doors for me to learn more! At first, I felt that working with boys would result in them not viewing me as someone with the authority to take charge but instead as just another person on the camp. However, the boys instead saw me as their leader and understood that I had the right to discipline them if they weren’t acting respectfully. Also by working with boy campers, I was able to get to know their traits and learn new ways to interact with them.

Throughout the camp we had some pretty fun activities! These included heading to Rapaki Beach, having a porridge war in the rain and running our own clinics. Rapaki Beach was very enjoyable and it gave the chance for the campers to not be stuck at the camp site for the whole week. Even though I had to listen to ’99 bottles of coke on the wall’ the whole bus ride there, I still can say that the trip to the beach was one of my highlights of Living Springs Kids Camp!

It was my first time having a porridge war ever this camp and I absolutely loved it!! There was at least 6 big tubs of porridge placed around the Founders Field and we all just ran and slid everywhere whilst covering each other with porridge. Whilst getting ready for the war, it was really interesting listening around to campers discussing that this would be their first ever time actually having the freedom to get dirty! It meant that camp had given them the chance to do something that had never been able to do before, which was awesome!

One of the other activities that I really enjoyed was the clinics. This was a time where the leaders were given the chance to run a skill based activity with a group of campers. The clinics were all so different and ranged from guitar lessons to learning to be a ninja. I had the opportunity of running a dance clinic with another leader. At first there was a few issues with camper numbers, but it all went so well in the end! I felt that by working with another leader to run our own activity, it really gave us the chance to put our leadership skills into practice. This is because we didn’t have any of the directors or other staff members there to tell us what to do or how we should run it.

Overall, I really appreciated being a leader at the Living Springs Space Camp this January! And I am excited to see what’s next down the line of camps with Living Springs!

Have a great week everyone!

Tarryn Wilson