YMCA Hawdon Hut Tramp!

I’ve got to say that tramping with kids is so much more different than what it’s like tramping with my Outdoor Education Class!

When I arrived at the YMCA on Thursday, I had brought all of my gear in a bag the size of a regular school bag. This is because I knew that it was only going to be an overnight tramp so I just brought the basics. Little did I know that I was meant to bring my multi-day pack as I would be carrying some of the extra food and equipment. I wasn’t off to a good start. However all of the gear managed to fit throughout the kids packs. I felt really bad though as besides one other kid, I was the only one with a day pack bag.

On the way to the tramp site we stopped off at a mall to let everyone grab some snacks for the tramp. The supervisor and I realised it probably wasn’t the best idea when all of the kids came back with McDonalds…

Then as we are almost there, the van gets stuck in a ford. The kids reactions were hillarious! I couldn’t help but not laugh. Some were asking to film, others tried to remove rocks from underneath. Luckily there was some others on site that were very kind and towed us out. Besides all the obstacles we had to face we arrived at the site.

Starting the tramp seemed to be rather easy as everyone was walking at the same pace, we had a routine for each river crossing and there seemed to be no sand flies. But then it comes to around 3 hours in when we realise that we’ve had around 7 different breaks and we’ve only just reached the junction which was the half way point. By this point the kids were all getting hungry and were sick of walking.

Cutting to the point, we arrived at the hut around 7pm and started sorting out the bedding arrangements. As there was more boys than girls we had some of the boys on the top bunk with me between them and the girls. Seemed like a good idea until bedtime when I had one girl’s feet in my face and a boy snoring in my ears!

On the positive side, day 2 was absolutely amazing! We all woke up early to get ready and packed everything up. We started tramping at around 7.45am which meant that the sun wasn’t quite out yet so it wouldn’t drain out our energy. Around half way, the supervisor played a prank on the kids by pretending to faint to see what they’d do. I was quite surprised by what the did! They had one boy run back to the others and I while the rest stayed with the supervisor. Then when I  had caught up to everyone they had started to put him into the recovery position. He then woke up and started laughing! The kids were all so annoyed with him as they thought he was being serious.

We finished the tramp back in around 3 hours!! It was so good! Everyone got back in the van and he headed by to the YMCA. The children were all sleeping in the back so we decided to prank them again by screaming our heads off as if we were about to crash. It was so funny! One kid woke up screaming and then realised it was a joke. I filmed it on the work phone so that they could see their reactions and they thought it was so funny.

Overall, the tramp was really enjoyable and I can’t wait for the next one!

If you think YMCA could be something that you’re interested in, feel free to check out the site below or email me on: travelvolnz@gmail.com


Have an awesome week everyone! Once again, thank you for all the support!


Tarryn Wilson





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