Learn Active Program 2018!

It was my first day volunteering with the Learn Active Program! I was really nervous and only had a slight idea of what to expect. As I currently volunteer with Recreate NZ, I figured that it should be rather similar to that organisation. Which was luckily true!

When I arrived in the morning, a lady greeted me and we had a chat about the day and what to expect from each of the members coming along. I remember feeling a little anxious as the group size was going to be a lot larger than what I’ve previously worked with.

Not too long after, everyone began to arrive. The expressions each teenager had on their face was priceless! They were all so excited to be spending another day with Learn Active. It wasn’t long until I started to learn everyone’s names and hobbies. I loved how they were all so open for conversation and I could see the connection they had built with each other. By then I was no longer feeling anxious but instead confident and excited for what the day could bring!

We arrived at Corsair Bay and went for a walk in the shade down to the water to see a group of sailors. One of the boys started to tell me all of his favourite jokes which was hilarious! He said one along the lines of “why do giraffes have long necks?…. Because their feet smell so bad!”.

After walking around we sat down to have lunch together before heading into the water. I found it to be pretty crazy how everyone worked together to ensure that we were all safe and having fun. Sometimes I wish I could be as courageous as some of the teenagers on the program! It was as if they were so happy doing their own thing that the thought of being judged wasn’t at all there.

Something I have learnt from volunteering with Learn Active is that youth with disabilities are just as awesome as anyone else! I believe that if we all took the time to spend with someone with a disability, it would really change your thoughts and even give you the chance to learn more yourself. I loved how enthusiastic and inclusive everyone was! Even though I had only been there for one day, it felt like I had spent the whole holidays with them!

If you’d like to know more about Learn Active and how you can volunteer within the organisation, simply click the link below!



Thank you all for the support!

Tarryn Wilson







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