Taupo FastTrack Leadership Training!

I’ll start with how blessed I felt to be accepted onto a program that I knew was going to shape my future! To be given the opportunity to fly up to Taupo and spend the week with a group of inspiring leaders, it was pretty extraordinary!

It all started when one of the staff members from Living Springs offered this training to the leaders at camp, at first I didn’t raise my hand to suggest that I was interested as I knew that there would be no chance that I would be one of the 10 people from New Zealand to be accepted. However I was wrong!

Arriving on the first day I remember feeling exhausted as I had just finished January camp at Living Springs. Nonetheless, I kept reminding myself that the information I’m going to receive within this week is going to be very valuable and I should make the most of it.

Luckily Day 1 was really chilled out and didn’t require much attention or effort. We stayed at a holiday home which was so welcoming and comfortable! At first the group of us leaders were really shy, but it didn’t take long for us to open up and get to know each other. It was great to learn more about the strategies each of us use at camp to both run activities and deal with kids’ behaviour.

The rest of the week ran on a schedule that meant we would have training from 9am-5pm everyday and then free time after 5pm. It was incredible how much information you can take in, in such a short period of time. I now have a clearer understanding of how to give instructions, ask questions and listen/receive feedback.

The best thing about this training is that it isn’t just a one time event! I will be heading back to Taupo later this year, so be sure to stay tuned to hear about the next training!


Thanks for all the support so far!

Tarryn Wilson

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