Living Springs Space Camp 2018

Space Camp 2018!

I think this camp was definitely a lot different to the rest as for the first time I was a co-leader for a group of boy campers. Having this in place both brought forward challenges and opened new doors for me to learn more! At first, I felt that working with boys would result in them not viewing me as someone with the authority to take charge but instead as just another person on the camp. However, the boys instead saw me as their leader and understood that I had the right to discipline them if they weren’t acting respectfully. Also by working with boy campers, I was able to get to know their traits and learn new ways to interact with them.

Throughout the camp we had some pretty fun activities! These included heading to Rapaki Beach, having a porridge war in the rain and running our own clinics. Rapaki Beach was very enjoyable and it gave the chance for the campers to not be stuck at the camp site for the whole week. Even though I had to listen to ’99 bottles of coke on the wall’ the whole bus ride there, I still can say that the trip to the beach was one of my highlights of Living Springs Kids Camp!

It was my first time having a porridge war ever this camp and I absolutely loved it!! There was at least 6 big tubs of porridge placed around the Founders Field and we all just ran and slid everywhere whilst covering each other with porridge. Whilst getting ready for the war, it was really interesting listening around to campers discussing that this would be their first ever time actually having the freedom to get dirty! It meant that camp had given them the chance to do something that had never been able to do before, which was awesome!

One of the other activities that I really enjoyed was the clinics. This was a time where the leaders were given the chance to run a skill based activity with a group of campers. The clinics were all so different and ranged from guitar lessons to learning to be a ninja. I had the opportunity of running a dance clinic with another leader. At first there was a few issues with camper numbers, but it all went so well in the end! I felt that by working with another leader to run our own activity, it really gave us the chance to put our leadership skills into practice. This is because we didn’t have any of the directors or other staff members there to tell us what to do or how we should run it.

Overall, I really appreciated being a leader at the Living Springs Space Camp this January! And I am excited to see what’s next down the line of camps with Living Springs!

Have a great week everyone!

Tarryn Wilson



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