Living Springs Leaders Boot Camp

What a blast! Living Springs really knows how to teach their leaders!

From the 18th-20th of December, I attended the Living Springs Leaders Boot Camp to learn more about how to handle child behavior and gain my first aid certificate.

To start the camp off, we listened to others experiences with camps and what they found to be their ‘why’ statement. We were then given the task to make a ‘why’ statement for Living Springs which wasn’t too difficult because there was already so many reasons why I am a leader for their Kids Camps!

In our free time we got to hang out and chill with each other which gave us all the opportunity to get to know one another. It was great how we all got along so well and everyone was super inclusive! We went on a trip to Rapaki for a dip in the water and my friends and I went for an adventure around the edge of the bay. It was heaps of fun spending time outside of the camp ground with all the leaders and I feel it gave us the option to really bond with everyone.

The next day we learnt a whole lot of games to play with the children. By having a new Camp Manager who was from America attend the training, this opened up the opportunity to learn a wider range of activities!

Then it came to the last day which involved completing the first aid course. Lucky enough we were able to have it subsidized as we were leaders that were going to be working with children. The course was very thorough and taught us how to deal with issues ranging from heart attacks to allergic reactions.

Overall Boot Camp was an awesome learning experience, and I felt that I had gained a lot of important knowledge and skills from being there!

If you’d like to learn more about Living Springs and how you could become a leader yourself, click the link below!


Seasons Greetings!

Tarryn Wilson


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