Christchurch Youth Council

Christchurch Youth Council 2017!

I remember at the beginning of the year when one of my teachers recommended that I applied for the opportunity to work with the Christchurch Youth Council as she felt that I would be a perfect fit for a position. At first, I had no clue who they were or what they did as an organisation so I did a bit of research. It wasn’t long until I started to picture myself in that environment creating new ideas for our city, Christchurch.

Shortly after I had put in my application, I met up with a lady known as Kate. She was so genuinely lovely and helped to give me a further understanding of CYC and what they do. Then a few days later I heard back with the good news that I was accepted as a General Member for Christchurch Youth Council.

Slowly but surely I began to gain confidence in the Council and I started to get more involved with planning out certain events and ideas for how we could make Christchurch better. Over the year we managed to help out with the Youth Action Plan and the Connecting Before Electing event.

So many awesome opportunities have arisen from being in the Christchurch Youth Council. I have had the chance to attend a range of interesting and fun events. These include executive meetings, recruitment days and skill workshops. On Monday the 11th of September we as the Christchurch Youth Council attended a strengths finder workshop to learn a bit more about our personal strengths and how we could utilize them in a team environment.  I definitely learnt a lot about myself as well as others and found that it was okay to have different strengths to others especially when it comes to working in a team.

To wrap it all up, being a general member for the Christchurch Youth Council has presented itself with many exciting opportunities that I would not have otherwise received. I have learnt to become a more open-minded person and can now see from others points of views. I believe that attending workshops and meetings has been one of my highlights for this year as well as being able to work alongside a team of passionate, motivated young people.

If you’d like to become a Christchurch Youth Council member to be able to experience what it’s like to have your say on some of the changes happening to Christchurch then click the following link and register!


All the best!

Tarryn Wilson





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