Queenstown Girl Guide Training

Before I start, I might as well start with the fact that two hours before my flight was leaving Christchurch Airport, I had just entered the room where I would be sitting my first external of 2017. It honestly was as stressful as it sounds! To complete a 3 hour exam in less than an hour, it was definitely difficult!

Anywho, I managed to not miss my flight to Queenstown which was a good start. However I then had to face the tricky task of trying to find the Super Shuttle that would be taking me to the accommodation for the weekend. It wasn’t long until a group of middle-aged women wearing the same guides uniform as me started waving down the shuttle. When we arrived at LakeLand Park Christian Camp the view of the Queenstown lake was absolutely stunning. The night was filled with the normal ice breaker activities and taking a tour of the campus.

The next day:

So not going to lie, the food at this event was pretty fancy to the normal food you would be served at camp. We had pea soup with garlic croutons and this poncy version of pizza bread. Although, I’m not going to complain because it was delicious!

The activities you would complete depended on what stage you were in as a Guide Leader. As I am fairly new to Guiding, I had to complete the beginner learning modules. These included learning about the traditions involved in Guiding and planning out an event you would want to run for your girls.

Last day:

My cabin and I woke up at 5am to go and see the sunrise this morning. The disappointment was real when we realized that because of the mountain range around Queenstown, we wouldn’t be able to see the pretty colours of the sunrise!

Pretty much this day consisted of cleaning and sharing our highlights of the weekend. I would say that my highlight was being able to go down to the lake to walk some of the tracks.

If you’d like to become a Guide Leader yourself, click on the following link and let them know that you’re interested!



All the best to you all,

Tarryn Wilson



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