Ashley Gorge Adventure Camp Recreate NZ

What a weekend!

Was so good to see everyone from Recreate NZ again! The road trip was rather short as it only takes less than 2 hours to get to Ashley Gorge from Christchurch. Once we got there the weather turned horrible! It was wet and slippery which made the mish to get our cabins and tents set up a lot harder. It wasn’t long until the sun came out though!

The next day it was boiling! We headed down to the water with our tubes in one arm and our day pack in the other. There was heaps of people down by the water which created a more friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Once we had soaked up all the sun from the day it was time for bed. It was so hot that night, so it was quite hard to get everyone to sleep.

Waking up the next morning with a big day ahead. We were off to the lake to do some kayaking and then go for a walk through Cave Stream! I remember seeing a large spider on the rocks and trying so hard not to scream!

The drive home was just as good as the drive there. We had the classic road trip playlist going while snacking on some goodies!

I would have to say my highlight of this trip was definitely going through Cave Stream for the first time with everyone! Then the not so good part about the trip would be getting attacked by sand flies and burnt to a crisp.

If you’d like to become a volunteer with Recreate NZ and work with a group of lovely young adults with disabilities, click the following link:


Have a good one!

Tarryn Wilson


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